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Scotchgard Protector Sheffield

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Scotchgard Sheffield

Protection for your soft furnishings 
A small investment now can be the difference 
between a simple clean up and the cost of a 
replacement carpet or suite.
Choose a genuine 3M Scotchgard treatment
for added protection against accidental spills
& everyday dist and grime. 


After a carpet or upholstery cleaning service a genuine 3M scotchgard protection treatment is highly recommended. A little extra investment now will protect against everyday dirt and those accidents that can mean the difference between a simple clean up or ruined soft furnishings.

Scotchgard works by coating the individual fibres with a stain repellent that acts like a barrier to dirt and stains. This does not affect the look or feel of the fabric in any way.

Everyday dirt is easier to vacuum away and accidental spills caused by oil or water based food products including soft drinks, red wine, tomato sauce etc.. can be removed more easily using professional cleaning techniques.

Why choose Scotchgard?
How does Scotchgard work?

Scotchgard Protector Sheffield

The one question about a Scotchgard treatment Sheffield we get asked most frequently is  -Does it actually work?  The answer to which is a resounding yes!

We decided to make this video to demonstrate visually how well a genuine Scotchgard treatment can protect your expensive soft furnishings from potential ruin.

Scotchgard - The original & the best

The Scotchgard name with it’s distinctive tartan plaid logo has been the number one protector the world over for 50 years now. It’s unique formula has been helping to keep homes around the world stain free since 1954.

Scotchguard treatment for carpets and upholstery in Derby
What items can be treated with Scotchgard?

Leather Upholstery- Certain types of leather can be treated with Scotchgard protector - Please call for further advice.

Fabric Upholstery - Most varieties of fabric used in upholstery for sofas and suites is treatable with Scotchgard protector.

Carpets - Almost any type of carpet can benefit from a 3M scotchgard protection treatment.

Rugs -  Rugs can be treated if not manufactured from sisal or sea grass.

A Scotchgard treatment does not make furnishings bullet proof, but can help substantially prolong the life of your soft furnishings. It makes everyday vacuuming more effective and accidental spills can be treated more easily following our care advice and professional stain removal guide, both of which are free with every scotchgard protection treatment we provide.

Scotchguard treatment for carpet and upholstery Derby

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