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luxuriously soft & smelling citrus fresh .
Drying time is under 2 hours .
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Carpet and upholstery cleaning Derby exclusive web offers

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Need a Carpet Cleaner Sheffield

Local family business

Cleantec are a local family business, run by father & son team Paul & Christopher James. We offer high quality carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services throughout Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Solid reputation

Over the years we have built a solid reputation for providing quality cleaning services at very reasonable prices. We take great pride in our work and by using only top of the range cleaning equipment, alongside the very latest premium, non toxic, detergent free cleaning solutions, we can produce excellent results time and time again.

Exceptional value

Being a small family business with lower running costs than the larger franchised companies in our trade, we can offer services of the very highest standard, but at a more affordable price.

Honest pricing policy

When we quote for carpet and upholstery cleaning Sheffield, the price we quote is the price you pay. There are no hidden extra charges and we never hard sell additional services. We believe in treating customers the same way we would like to be treated ourselves, by friendly, courteous staff.

Our No Quibble Money Back Guarantee

We offer a no quibble money back guarantee with every service we provide including our:

Carpet cleaning Sheffield

Rug cleaning Sheffield

Upholstery cleaning Sheffield

Curtain cleaning Sheffield

Stain removal Sheffield

Leather cleaning Sheffield

Book a service with total  confidence

We give our customers the ability to book any of our cleaning services with total peace of mind. If you’re not 100% satisfied we will re-clean the item for free, if you’re still not satisfied we won’t charge you a single penny.

Carpet Cleaning Sheffield

Are all carpet cleaning companies the same?

In a word - No. Just like everything else in life, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. The biggest mistake people make when looking for a professional cleaning service is to shop for the lowest price alone. This is making the assumption that all cleaners will achieve the same high standards, which is simply not true.

How To Avoid Cowboys In Our Trade:

Now as much as I’d be delighted if everyone that visited our website looking for a carpet cleaner Sheffield was to book a service with Cleantec, I’m also happy to share this advice, in the hope you will avoid inviting one of the many unqualified, uninsured cowboys that frequent our industry, giving the rest of us a bad name.  

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions:

Do they have insurance?

If your furnishings are damaged accidentally or through poor workmanship, replacement can be very costly. With no insurance cover, you will be left with this expense yourself. Always ask to see proof of insurance on the day of the clean.

Are they fully trained and qualified?

Most will tell you they are, again ask to see some proof on the day of the service.

Ask how long the service will take to complete?

To clean a single carpet only, we would require a minimum of 1 ½ to 2 hours, for a suite we need between 2 - 4 hrs depending on the size.

How long will your furnishings take to dry?

Our own top of the range cleaning equipment will leave your furnishings dry and ready for use in just 2 - 3 hours.  

What cleaning fluids do they use?

The latest premium cleaning fluids that we use are non-toxic, child and pet friendly, but also detergent free to avoid sticky residues being left behind in the fibres of your soft furnishings.  

Is the price they quote fully inclusive?

The price we quote will be the price you pay. No hidden additional charges for stain removal, rapid drying etc. Bait & switch techniques are used by some unscrupulous tradesman, where a cheap price is quoted to get through your door and then loaded with additional charges. Don’t forget VAT adds another 20%, so always ask if the price includes VAT. All our prices are fully inclusive.

PLEASE REMEMBER - Irreparable damage can cost thousands of pounds. Shrinkage, mould damage, colour bleed etc can all be caused by poor workmanship. Cleantec offer quality cleaning services at very reasonable prices. Call now to book the best carpet cleaning in Sheffield.

The church of England
Holland & Barrett
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Cleantec carpet and upholstery cleaning Sheffield. Our satisfied customers now include:

Chatsworth House
Peak national Park Authority
St John Ambulance
Thornbridge Hall
Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet cleaner Sheffield

Carpets are left beautifully clean, luxuriously soft and smelling citrus fresh. Carpets are dry & ready for use in under 2 hours

Upholstery Cleaning

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Sofa cleaning Sheffield

Upholstery is deep cleaned using our CFR powerful cleaning system. This system cleans exceptionally well but wont overwet the suite


Leather cleaner Sheffield

Leather is professionally cleaned before a nourishing conditioner is applied to replenish the oils which keep the leather soft & supple

Leather Cleaning

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Scotchgard Protector

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Scotchgard protection Sheffield

Carpets, rugs, upholstery including dining chairs and sofas can all be treated with a genuine 3M Scotchgard treatment for that added protection

Carpet and upholstery cleaning Derby earn gift vouchers sheffield carpet cleaning loyalty reward & referral scheme

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Customers can now receive M&S gift vouchers with both our loyalty reward scheme and our customer referral plan

Cleantec money back guarantee with all Derby carpet and upholstery cleaning services

If you’re not completely

satisfied with any of

the Sheffield cleaning

services we provide, we

won’t charge you a single penny!

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